Shenzhen Chinese Business International Exchange Center Co., Ltd., CBIEC Immigration for short, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese Business International Capital Group. It is one of the earlist professional organizations engaging in business immigration in China and is an initial immigration companies obtainned entry & exit business license with license No. YUE GONG JING ZHUN ZI [2002] No. 0058.

Since the establishment, CBIEC Immigration has been engaging in business immigration and helped tens of thousands of immigrants to realize their dreams of foreign immigration. Thereinto, we got 100% success in Hong Kong business immigration and ever created the No. 1 in Singapore business immigration, which built our golden brand in business immigration industry. With our unique insight and investigation in immigration market, in 2013, we took the lead in founding a branch in Portugal and strongly promoted to immigrate to Portugal by buying a house, we drive the domestic European immigration.

More than decade experience in business immigration creates our supreme and pioneer status in business immigration industry. CBIEC Immigration  was successively awarded with Five-Star Institution of Abroad Consulting Industry, 30-year Refulgence Outstanding Institutions and Year-2012 Gold Institution of Immigration & Study Abroad Industry, we was granted a High-quality Service Medal of Immigration & Study Abroad Industries on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Establishment in Special Zone.  CBIEC Immigration is the most trustworthy authority and the most reliable partners for investors to successfully immigrate.

Chinese Business International Capital Group is an comprehensive capital investment & management company concentrating on business immigration. Under the huge industry background of EMIGRATION, we formed our five backbone industries integrated with immigration, capital management, investment financing, security and international exchange, and we gathered our abundant comprehensive strength in business immigration, foreign advanced wealth management concept, global excellent financial products and channel resources, which are the pioneering advantages of business immigration.

Today,  CBIEC Immigration  provides hot business immigration countries or areas with immigration service, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, America, the United Kindom, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, etc..  CBIEC Immigration Shenzhen Company and Shanghai Company specialize in domestic business immigrations, foreign branches or offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, America, Canada, Australia, Spain and Greece etc. provides with immigration assistance and pertinent services which ensure the success of immigration and concurrently solve worries of immigrants to build home.

Joining  CBIEC Immigration and enjoying one-stop business immigration services.

Thanking for the trust and support of our customers, CBIEC Immigration will uphold the service concepts of Profession, Efficiency, Integrity and Fast, and continue to create the new brilliance.